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-Rewards: 50 Coins, 100 X

Story Part 1: Talk to Rowan

(You'll complete this one as soon as you complete your avatar)

Story Part 2: Get Your Books

  • Flourish and Blotts has all the books you need! Go inside and pick them up!

Story Part 3: Talk To Rowan

Speech Choices in Task 3:

  • A smart scarf (No effect)
  • A serious sweater (No effect)
  • A cool hat (No effect)

Story Part 4: Get Your Wand

Speech Choices in Task 4:

  • I felt bad for him (Pliable 12-inch wand made of Acacia and a unicorn core. Suitable for witches and wizards with a sensitive side.)
  • I was angry (11.75-inch wand made of Blackthorn and core made of unicorn hair. Best for feisty wizards with a lot of fight in them.)
  • I was determined (11-inch inflexible wand made of Hornbeam and a dragon heartstring core. Meant for wizards who are passionate and determined. This is the same type of wand used by Ollivander himself.)

Story Part 5: Return to Rowan

Speech Choices in Task 5:

  • Keep quiet (Will prevent Rowan from doing anything to the bully in Chapter 2 Task 2)
  • Follow my lead (Rowan will defend you against the bully in Chapter 2 Task 2)


"Perched atop a high mountain with its turrets, towers, and sparkling windows, the strange and splendid Hogwarts Castle awaits you."

-Rewards: 50G 170XP

Story Part 1: Gather in the Great Hall

House Choices: Effects what house Rowan and you will be placed in.

  • Gryffindor: Brave and Daring (Will place you in the Gryffindor House)
  • Hufflepuff: Dedicated and Loyal (Will place you in the Hufflepuff House)
  • Ravenclaw: Intelligent and Witty (Will place you in the Ravenclaw House)
  • Slytherin: Ambitious and Cunning (Will place you in the Slytherin House)

Story Part 2: Visit Your Common Room

Speech Choices:

  • Charms Class (No effect)
  • Potions Class (No effect)
  • Finding my brother (No effect)

Lesson 1: Lumos

-Stars to pass: 2 Mission Time: 1 Hour Rewards: +5 Gems, New Hairstyles, Accessories and Robes Unlocked

Speech Choices 1:

  • I'll follow the rules (No effect)
  • I'm a rebel, too (No effect)
  • I haven't decided (No effect)

Speech Choice 2 (What does the charm Lumos provide?):

  • Pumpkin Pasties (Wrong)
  • Water (Wrong)
  • Light (Right)

If you cast Lumos correctly, you will receive 10 points for your house

Lesson 2: Cure for Boils Potion

-Stars to pass: 2 Mission time: 2 hours Rewards: +5 gems

Your next 2 dialogue choices will give a chance for a a 2nd speech option to appear in Choice 3.

Speech Choice 1:

  • Stand up to her (+5 Courage Points)
  • Distract her (+5 knowledge)

Speech Choice 2:

  • Taunt her (+5 knowledge)
  • Threaten her (+5 Courage Points)
  • Reason with her (+5 Empathy Points)

Speech Choice 3:

Some options may be locked based on your stats.

  • Blame Merula +2 Knowledge to unlock (+10 Knowledge Points)
  • I'm Sorry ( +10 Empathy Points)
  • It's your fault +2 Courage to unlock ( +10 Courage Points)

You will lose House points no matter what you do.


"After your encounter with the belligerent Slytherin , Merula Snyde, you must seek out a way to recover the House Points you lost"

Task 1: Speak with prefect about house points

Speech option 1:

  • It wasn't my fault. (+5 Empathy Points)
  • I'm sorry. (+5 Empathy Points)
  • I'm not my brother. (+5 Empathy Points)

Speech option 2:

  • Yes (+5 Empathy Points)
  • No (+5 Defense Points)

Task 2: Collect Slugs

Mission: Escape Devil's Snare

-Stars to pass: 5 Mission time: 8 hours Rewards: 100 Gold and XP

Speech Options:

  • Tell Dumbledore (+5 Knowledge Points)
  • Tell my classmates (+5 Empathy Points)
  • Get revenge (+5 Defense Points)

Task 2: Report to prefect

Learning how to change clothes is all that happens here.

Lesson: Summon Broom

-Stars to pass: 2 Mission time: 3 hours Rewards: + 1 Energy Limit, +5 Gems

There is an opportunity to get house points according to BlueMoonGame lets play on YouTube in 2018, still testing to confirm for 2021.

Task 3: Meet with Rowan

Speech Options:

  • I'm Over it (No effect)
  • This isn't over (No effect)

Mission: Play Gobstones with Rowan

-Diamonds to pass: 3 Rewards: Increased friendship with Rowen +5 Gems Costs: 10g to start Recommended Attributes: 1 Defense, 1 Empathy, 1 Knowledge

In Gobstones you can reply to a question or statement from the person your playing with for influence. Different answers give different amounts toward your goal, plus possible bonus points if the contributing attribute is higher than your opponent. However if your skill is lower you risk losing points.

Question 1: "Do you know who wins?"

  • Make the tallest tower of stones. Knowledge Skill (No points)
  • You'll tell me if I win. Empathy Skill (Some points)
  • Capture your opponent's stones. Defensive Skill (Most points)

Question 2: "I bet Merula cheats at games..."

  • Cheating is always wrong. Knowledge Skill (Most Points)
  • What's so bad about cheating? Defensive Skill (No points)
  • Everyone cheats sometimes, Empathy Skill (Some Points)

Question 3: "Will you trust my research?"

  • Not until I hear your findings. Defense Skill (Some Points)
  • Yes, of course. Empathy Skill (Most points)
  • No, you could be wrong. Knowledge Skill (No Points)

Speech options:

  • Expose Merula's secret. Unlocked with Knowledge skill 1 (+10 Knowledge Points)
  • Ignore her. (No Effect)
  • Reason with her. Unlocked with Empathy skill 1 (+10 Empathy Points)

Speech options 2:

  • Walk away. Unlock with Defensive skill 1 (+10 Defensive Points) Merula will cast a spell at you.
  • Cast a spell

Side Quest: Gobstones with friends

Invite a friend to play

-Rewards: +50 Empathy, +1 Gem, 150XP


"The wrath of Merula Snyde inspires you and Rowen to learn how to duel properly"

Task 1: Meet with Prefect

Speech Option 1:

  • No, anger is pointless (+5 Knowledge Points)
  • Yes, I'm angry (+5 Empathy Points)

Mission: Find Secret Dueling book

-Stars to pass: 1 out of 5 Mission time: 1 hour Rewards: Gold

Speech option 1:

  • It's impressive (+5 Empathy Points)
  • It's a disappointment (+5 Defense Points)
  • It's... a mess (+5 Knowledge Points)

Side Quest 1: Play Gobstones

-Increase your friendship levels with other characters.

Side Quest 2: Meet Hagrid

-Rewards: +50 Empathy, +1 Gem, 100 XP

Learn about getting a Magical pet

Task 2: Meet Rowan

This task has a cool down timer of 1 hour 30 minutes before you can access it.

Mission: Convincing Rowan

Gold to start: 50 Recommended Attributes: 2 Defense, 1 Empathy, 1 Knowledge

Speech option 1: "Why must we duel now?"

  • It will be great. Empathy Based (No Points)
  • Dueling is a useful skill. Knowledge Based (Some Points)
  • We have to stop Merula. Defense base (Full Points)

Speech option 2: "What if you hear voices again?"

  • I'll be safe with you around. Empathy Based (Most Points)
  • It's none of your business. Knowledge Based (No Points)
  • I probably won't. Defense Based (Some Points)

Speech option 3: "Do you fear you've gone mad?

  • Sometimes... Empathy Based (Some Points)
  • No. If I go mad, I'll seek help. Knowledge Based (Most Points)
  • Fear is stupid. Defense Based (No Points)

Speech option 4: "Why do you want my support?"

  • Merula hates us both. Defense Based (Some Points)
  • We're stronger together. Empathy Based (Most Points)
  • I really don't need your support. Knowledge Based (No Points)

Speech Option 5:

"Which of our Prefect's requirements do you think is the most important?"

  • Offensive move (+5 Courage)
  • Creative advantage (+5 Empathy points)
  • Healing method (+5 Knowledge Points)

Task 3: Learn from Flitwick

Speech option 1:

  • Duelling looks fun
  • To defend myself (+5 Empathy points)
  • To learn more skills (+5 Knowledge Points)

Lesson: Expelliarmus

-Stars to pass: 2 out of 5 Mission time: 1 hour Rewards:

Speech option 2:

  • I promise. (+5 Empathy Points)
  • I can't promise. Unlocked at Defense 1

Task 4: Learn with Rowan

Lesson: Rictusempra

-Stars to pass: 1 out of 5 Mission time: 1 hour Rewards:

Speech option 1:

  • Nothing! (+5 Defense Points)
  • You're not my opponent. (+5 Empathy points)

Task 4: Go to potion class

Lesson: Brew Wiggenweld Potion

-Stars to pass: 2 out of 5 Mission time: 1 hour Rewards:

Speech Options:

  • Question Snape. Unlocked at 2 Defense (+10 Defense)
  • Mock Merula.
  • Appease Snape. Unlocked at 2 Empathy (+10 Empathy, +10 house points)


"With an arsenal of spells and potions at your disposal, you now prepare for your inevitable rematch with Merula Snyde."

Lesson: Wingardium Leviosa

-Stars to pass: 5 out of 5 Mission time: 3 hour Rewards: +5 Gems

Task 1: Return to prefect

Mission: Duel Rowan

-50g to start Recommended Attribute Levels: 1 Defense, 2 Empathy, 2 Knowledge Rewards:75XP

Side Quest: Meet Hagrid

Unlock the ability to take care of magical creature Rewards: 1 Red book Side Quest: Find Food

-Stars to pass: 1 out of 3 Mission time: 3 hour Rewards: Food, House Points

Side Quest: Help Niffler

-Rewards: 1 Brown book, 50g, 1 Energy

Side Quest: Level up Niffler to Affection 1

-Rewards: 1 Brown book, 50g, 1 Energy

Side Quest: Meet Hagrid

Speech Option 1:

  • That's a shame. Unlocked at Empathy 4 (+10 Empathy Points)
  • That's practical.
  • That sounds like Snape. Unlocked at Defense 3 (+10 Defense Points)

Mission: Brainstorm Plan

-Stars to pass: 1 out of 5 Mission time: 1 hour Rewards: Gold

Side Quest: Adopt the Fairy

You need 30 Red Books to start this quest.

Task 2: Stop Merula

-This Quest has a cooldown timer of 1 hour and 30 minutes Recommended Attributes: 2 Defense, 3 Empathy, 2 Knowledge Cost to start: 100g Rewards: 100XP

Option 1:

  • Choose to duel (+5 Defense Points)
  • Refuse to duel (+5 Empathy Points)


"Victorious in your duel with Merula, you must now answer to Professor Snape. Meanwhile, a new Hogwarts mystery lies just around the corner."

Story 1: Report to Snape

Choice 1: I did it for my friends (+5 Empathy points, -20 house points)

Lesson 1: Nox

Lesson 2: Mount Broom

-Stars to pass: 5 out of 5 Mission time: 3 hour Rewards:

Side Quest 1: Visit Duelling club

Side Quest 2: A Friend in Need - ben friendship level 3